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2009 LLTO Segunda Division Awards: Promoted Clubs

Well these are the clubs that earned their way to the top next season.  It would be a long road for these clubs, but at the end of the day all three organizations must be pleased with their hard work and next season will vie for a spot in the top tier of Spanish football.


Tenerife, the third ranked Segunda Division club, secured the last promotion spot by only three points.  The club last played in the top tier three season ago and finished in 19th place last season.  Tenerife only finished one point behind first place, Xerez, and the two clubs shared a joint lead in wins for the year.  Both clubs had the same amount of victories at home and on the road and Tenerife also had the third best goal differential in the league.

Real Zaragoza

Probably the best overall squad in the Segunda Division, Real Zaragoza is used to playing top level talent, so this season the club would cruise back to the Primera Division.  Tied with Tenerife with 81 points, Real Zaragoza also tied both teams in most wins at home (15) and had the fewest losses of any Segunda division club (7).  Real Zaragoza also possessed the second best goal differential in the league and next season the club will likely have former Liverpool player Jermaine Pennant in the starting lineup.


Xerez hasn’t played in the top tier in a long time, but next year the club can proudly call themselves one.  Xerez shared a joint lead for total wins and home and away victories as well.  Xerez won the league by the narrowest of margins earning 82 points and beating out the other two promoted clubs by one single point.  The club also had the fourth best goal differential in the league.