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Premier League Clubs To Play Friendlies During World Cup

Premier League clubs have been told that they can schedule friendlies during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to give players not participating in the tournament a chance to stay match fit.

This year’s World Cup runs from November 21 to December 18 and is the first one to be held in the winter. As a result, schedules across Europe have had to substantially change for this season. Leagues are starting earlier and they will all take a break for the competition.

For example, the Premier League will break off for six weeks as there will be no Premier League games scheduled from November 14 to December 25.

In Spain, La Liga will stop playing games on November 13 and they will resume no earlier than December 29. In Germany the Bundesliga has the advantage of a smaller league (only 18 teams) so they will stop on November 13 and not resume until January 20.

In Italy, Serie A, they will also stop on November 13 and resume in early January 2023.

All these clubs will be looking for friendlies to keep their players fit, and I expect many of them to return to the U.S. and play mini-tournaments.

This was the first post-COVID season that European teams have played in the US, and while attendance was good, it was not what it was pre-COVID.

Early December is a busy time in the US sports calendar with the NFL, College football, NHL and NBA all playing meaningful games. Will US soccer fans turn out to watch second string European fans play friendlies when they can turn on their TV and watch the best in the world play in a World Cup?