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Does Rooney Have An Anger Management Problem?

Wayne Rooney is often considered one of England’s brightest talents, however, there is one thing that stands in his way of following in the footsteps of fellow legends Allan Shearer and Paul Gascoigne –  his temper. After last month’s horror lash out on Miodrag Dzudovic during the 2-2 draw with Montenegro in a Euro 2012 [...]

Reaction is still pouring in after UEFA disciplinary committee announced that England forward Wayne Rooney has been banned for all of England’s Group stages in the Euro 2012 tournament. No one expected such a hash judgement and you can be sure that the ruling is the beginning of a debate that will not end any [...]

Who Belongs in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame?

Recently, the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame announced its list of candidates for induction. The HOF, which was established in Oneonta, New York in 1999, requires candidates to receive 66% of the available votes to gain induction. Here’s who I think gets in: The Americans: Jeff Agoos was a three time MLS all-star and [...]

MLS Postseason Predictions (Second Leg Edition)

Wow, did anyone listen to my playoff picks a few weeks ago and decide to bet a little money down the stretch on the teams I picked? I sure didn’t. I wish I had though, as I was (uncharacteristically) right on when it came to who would be the postseason squads. Kansas City, New York and RSL all secured [...]

MLS Playoff Push: Kansas City Edition

What a crazy year it’s been for Jimmy Conrad and the boys from lil’ ol’ Kansas City. After a strong start, KC has been pretty mediocre for the duration of the season. They’ve had spurts of good play, but they have been way too streaky. Yet, the Wiz are within pissing distance of the playoffs. And fortunate for them, [...]

With only three weeks remaining in the regular season, the playoff race is more tightly contested than ever before. Columbus and Houston are in, and New England, Chicago and even Chivas appear to have a firm grasp on their postseason spots. However, three spots (the third in the West and the two wild card spots) are still [...]

Know Your Opponent: Trinidad & Tobago Edition

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, or T&T, is found on a small archipelago in the southern Caribbean. 96% of the population lives in Trinidad and the other 4% live in Tobago, which leads me to question why Tobago gets equal billing. T&T is famous as the birthplace of calypso music and the steelpan drum. [...]

U.S. Men Smoke Castro’s Cubans

It wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure, but it’s a victory nonetheless. The U.S. hadn’t played in Cuba for over sixty years. From the looks of the field, it hadn’t been landscaped in approximately the same period of time. It was bumpy and uneven. It was slick and wet. The lights were worse than most high school [...]

USA Stinks At Wembley

Last nights US vs. England game was a major disappointment for USA soccer fans. We never looked like threatening an England team that is full of big names. but is no longer a world power. It was a lackluster U.S. performance with many players showing that the step up in class from beating Barbados to [...]