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Champions League Finals: Liverpool v Spurs

For the first time in over a decade there will be two English teams playing in the Champions League final, as both Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur used brilliant second-leg performances to eliminate Barcelona and Ajax respectively.

With Arsenal and Chelsea also meeting in the Europa League final, the self-proclaimed “Best League in the World” is finally backing up to the hype.

It’s a remarkable turnaround for the Premier League where just four years ago, every Premier League entry had been eliminated before the quarterfinals. And just one club, Leicester City, believe it or not, made it past the Round of 16 two-years ago.

Whether this is the beginning of European dominance by the Premier League nobody knows, but Liverpool and Spurs fans don’t care as they are heading to Madrid for the Champions League final on June 1.

The two clubs have meet before in a European competition, back in 1973 when Liverpool beat Spurs on away goals in the UEFA Cup semi-finals

The Reds have also had the better of Spurs in Premier League this season, winning both matches 2-1.

Tottenham Road to Madrid
UEFA club ranking: 17
European Cup finals: 1

This season
Entry: group stage
P12 W6 D2 L4 F20 A17

Route to the final
Group B runners-up
Round of 16: 4-0 agg v Dortmund
Quarter-finals: 4-4 agg v Manchester City (won on away goals)
Semi-finals: 3-3 agg v Ajax (won on away goals)

Liverpool Road To Madrid
UEFA club ranking: 11
European Cup finals: 9
Last appearance: 2018, 1-3 v Real Madrid

This season
Entry: group stage
P12 W7 D1 L4 F22 A12

Route to the final
Group C runners-up
Round of 16: 3-1 agg v Bayern
Quarter-finals: 6-1 agg v Porto
Semi-finals: 4-3 agg v Barcelona

Champions League Final
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