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2009 LLTO Segunda Division Awards: Predictions for Next Season

In order to truly predict the winner of next season’s Segunda Division I would need Christopher Lloyd’s character, Doc Brown, from the hit movie Back to the Future to fly his Delorean into the future to discover who would be the league’s best, but such a trip would likely cost a lot of money or involve stealing plutonium from Libyan terrorist.  so instead I decided to make a hypothesis of who the best clubs will likely be in the Segunda Division next season.


#6  Real Sociedad

The league’s best defense should remain a contender, but the club needs offense in order to have a chance next season.  48 goals is not going to be enough of an effort for promotion so this steady defense will likely be disappointed once again next year.

#5: Recreativo Huelva

They were the worst club in La Liga last year, but the tough experience should help the club next season in a weaker league.  However we at the LLTO believe the club will need at least one more season to get used to the Segunda Division and will likely finish in 5th place.

#4: Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano is a lot like Real Sociedad.  They already have the defensive capabilities, but the club lacks the offensive firepower to seriously contend for a promotion spot next season.  We feel the the squad will continue to m0ve in the right direction next season though.

#3: Numancia

Numancia is another club that is used to the top tier level competition and should fare okay next year.  The club should also find the net much more often then their 38 goals from last season.  Numancia looks to improve on their 19th finish in La Liga.

#2: Hercules

They were one of the mo0st dominating clubs a year ago, so why not Herclules?  They already have the best offense and with a little bit of tightening up on defense the club should be in La Liga within a year.

#1:  Real Betis

Real Betis is not a bad squad at all and have something to prove next year in the secondary division.  The club only had a -7 goal differential last season and were unlucky to even be relegated in the first place.  Next season should be a much different story for Real Betis.