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Welcome Back To The Europa League Manchester United

Manchester United will be back in the Europa League next season after a putrid 1-1 draw to relegated Huddersfield on Sunday.

Chelsea’s victory over Watford, combined with United’s failure to pick up three points against the relegated Terriers means it will be Thursday night football again for United next season.

United have been abysmal since beating PSG in Paris in the Champions League, taken only eight points from their last eight Premier League games.

That run of form could cost United as much as £65m in lost TV revenue and prize money from the Champions League next season and his triggered a 25% reduction in wages next season.

The player that will take the biggest financial hit is Paul Pogba, whose £300,000-a-week contract is heavily incentivized. Pogba will now miss out on a £1.875 million bonus for missing out on a Champions League place plus he will see payments for his commercial rights drop to £2.87m from £3.125m. That is on top of the £1.8million that the World Cup winner will see his wages drop by next season!

And of course Pogba isn’t the only player hit with a reduction. Alexis Sanchez sees his £500,000-a-week salary cut by £125,000 to £375,000 if he remains at the club.

That is all academic though, because it is looking less and less likely that either Pogba or Sanchez will be back at Old Trafford next season was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer attempts to trim the deadwood that is within United squad.

Their kit deal with adidas is also cut by 30 per cent if they fail to make the cut for two successive seasons. Missing out this year will cost the Old Trafford club more than £20m of their £750m deal with the sponsor.