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Uefa Fines Cassano Over Gay Slur

AC Milan and Italy striker Antonio Cassano has been fined 15,000 euros by UEFA for remarks he made about homosexuals during Euro 2012 which were deemed “discriminatory”

In the build-up to Italy’s second Group C match against Croatia, Cassano responded to a question asking him if rumours that there were two gay players in the Azzurri squad by saying, apparently in jest:

“The coach had warned me that you would ask me this question.

“If I say what I think… I hope there are none. But if there are queers here, that’s their business.”

The quotes angered gay rights groups, including Italian-based Gay Centre, for his use of the slang term “frocio”, which roughly translates as “queer” in Italian.

AC Milan forward Cassano swiftly issued an apology saying at the time:

“I sincerely regret that my statements have sparked controversy and protest from gay rights groups.

“Homophobia is a sentiment that is not mine. I did not want to offend anyone and I cannot question the sexual freedom of other people. I only said that it is a problem that does not concern me and it is not for me to pass judgment on the choices of others, who are all respected.”