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So What If Ronaldo Goes

The European media is waiting with baited breath for Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement after the Euro’s 2008 whether he is returning to Manchester United or leaving for Real Madrid.

For arguments sake lets assume that the world’s best player wants to leave and the figure of 100 million pounds is the transfer fee. With all of its debt I don’t think that Man Utd’s bankers would allow them to turn down this kind of offer. The ability to pay down almost 10% of the teams debt in one fell swoop, and will greatly reduce the debt load of the club and make refinancing the existing debt easier. The Glazers would be forced to accept this offer.

If Real Madrid is willing to pay more than double the highest transfer fee in history why not sell? For 100 million, Sir Alex could probably buy both Messi and Kaka. If United replaced Ronaldo with either Messi or Kaka for 50 million pounds(and put 50 million towards paying down the debt), they would immediately be favored to win the Premiership and Champions League again next year.

What will make selling Ronaldo working for United is the amount and how they replace him. Kaka or Messi would both fit into United’s attacking style of play and they would both compliment Rooney and Tevaz. Life after Ronaldo would not be too bad for United fans of they replace him with another word footballer of the year.