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Serie A Winners And Losers So Far This Summer

Matteo Bonetti, who writes for beIN Sport and Sulia,had an interesting analysis of the winners and losers in the transfer market this summer amongst Serie A clubs.

This is what he had to say. Do you agree or disagree?

Teams That Have Improved:
Bologna: Improved.
Fiorentina: Improved.
Inter: Improved.
Juventus: Improved.
Roma: Improved.
Sampdoria: Improved.
Torino: Improved.

Teams That Have Gotten Weaker:
Chievo: Declined.
Milan: Declined.
Pescara: Declined.
Udinese: Declined.

Teams That Are Basically Unchanged
Genoa: Even.
Cagliari: Even.
Catania: Even.
Atalanta: Even
Lazio: Even.
Napoli: Even.
Palermo: Even.
Parma: Even.
Siena: Even.

So it looks like seven teams have a better squad than they did last year, four teams have a weaker squad, and nine teams are virtually the same.

Interesting that two of the three teams that qualified for the Champions League last season (Milan and Udinese) have weaker squads heading into the new season, while out of the three teams that qualified for the Europa League (Inter, Lazio and Napoli) have either gotten stronger or staid the same.

That should translate into a very competitive and enthralling title and Champions League race this season.