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It’s Official: Ten Month Ban For Conte

The rumour all week was that Antonio Conte was going to get a 10-month ban from the Disciplinary Commission and those rumours were right as the FIGC hit the Juventus coach with a big suspension. It was not all bad news for Juventus though as both Leonardo Bonucci and Simone Pepe are acquitted of all charges.

Meanwhile, Lecce and Grosseto have been relegated to Lega Pro for their alleged direct involvement in fixing matches for betting profits.

Conte is alleged to have known about two attempted match fixes during the 2010-11 season when he was in charge of Siena.

His original plea bargain of a three-month suspension and €200,000 fine was rejected by the Commission and he could not agree terms on a new plea bargain, so opted to take it to trial.

Subsequently, the Commission have handed him a 10-month suspension from the game, up to June 9, 2013. This was five months less than the figure prosecutor Stefano Palazzi had suggested and Conte can appeal the ruling on August 20 in front of the Federal Court of Justice.

Conte’s assistant Coach Angelo Alessio has been handed an eight-month ban.

However, it is better news for Juve’s Bonucci and Pepe, as the Commission acquitted them of all charges because of inconsistencies found in the testimonial of Andrea Masiello. The current Atalanta player had alleged Bonucci’s direct involvement and Pepe’s knowledge of the attempted fix of Bari’s May 2010 match against Udinese, with Bonucci initially facing a three-year, six-month suspension and Pepe a one-year ban.

The Commission has also acquitted Udinese, Marco Di Vaio, Salvatore Masiello, Daniele Padelli, Giuseppe Vives and Nicola Belmonte of charges in this case, but Belmonte still faces six months out for charges relating to his alleged involvement in a Cesena-Bari fix.

Elsewhere, Lecce, who were relegated last season on the field in Serie A, have been demoted to the Lega Pro alongside Grosseto. The Salentini will also be given a €30,000 fine and six-point penalty to begin 2012-13 with, and Grosseto a three-point penalty.

Grosseto’s President Piero Camilli and Lecce’s former President Giovanni Semeraro have both been handed five-year bans too, for the belief that they knew about attempted fixes involving their teams.

Bologna have been handed a €30,000 fine and Ancona a €10,000 fine, whilst Novara must begin their Serie B campaign on -2 points.

All those with sentences can launch an appeal in front of the Federal Court of Justice on August 20, six days before the Serie A campaign is due to begin.

There were also numerous plea bargains during the course of the week. Among the clubs are Siena (-6 points and €100,000 fine), Bari (-5 and €80,000), Albinoleffe, Sampdoria, Torino and Varese (all -1 and €30,000) and Portogruaro (€5,000).

Among the players and individuals to take plea bargains are sporting director Angelozzi (four months), Bentivoglio (13 months), Carobbio (six months added to the previous 20 months), Da Costa (three months and €30,000), D’Urbano (five months and 10 days), Esposito (three months and 10 days), Faggiano (four months) and Garlini (nine months added to the previous three years).

Also with plea bargains are Gervasoni (four months added to the previous six years and eight months with proposed lifetime ban), Larrondo (three months, 20 days and €30,000), Andrea Masiello (two years, two months and €30,000), Mutti (four months), Parisi (two years and €10,000), Passoni (six months and 15 days added to the previous 14 months), Poloni (six months added to the previous 12 months), Marco Rossi (20 months and €20,000), Sala (two years), Sanfelice (four months), Savorani (five months and 10 days), Stellini (two years, six months and €50,000).