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Manchester United Fans Finally Boo Van Gaal

lvg-not-good-enoughManchester United fans have been extremely patient, putting up with Louis van Gaal and his drab style of football for two seasons. Finally the tide seems to have turned as van Gaal was booed by a half-empty Old Trafford as he thanked Manchester United fans for their support on Tuesday night and stated his desire to ‘bring the FA Cup home’.

United finished the Premier League season with a 3-1 win against Bournemouth in the rearranged fixture which means they finish fifth in the table, missing out on the Champions League, instead qualifying for the Europa League group stages next season.

Some fans brought banners to Tuesday night’s game calling for Van Gaal to leave the club. But the Dutchman who has previously admitted finishing in the top four was the minimum expectation for the club, said in a post-match interview that supporters’ targets are too optimistic.

Asked if he understood why fans booed him following the game, Van Gaal told Sky Sports:

‘Of course, because the expectation is very high.

‘The fans are expecting a lot but I think these expectations are much too high. We are a team in transition and I said that when I started here at Manchester United. Maybe I need to bring over the message much clearer than I have done.’

The United boss vowed that he wanted to win the FA Cup, when his side faces Crystal Palace at Wembley.

‘I would like to say something,’ Van Gaal began as he tried to break through the sea of boos.

‘On behalf of my players, of my staff, of myself I want to thank you for the unconditional support of you.

‘Wherever we have played, however the things have gone on the field you never let us down.

‘Thank you for that and we want to bring the FA Cup home to you. You deserve it over any other fan of a club.’

It is time for Ed Woodward to remove van Gaal after the FA Cup final and replace him with Jose Mourinho. United cannot afford another season out of the Champions League and with Wenger, Pochettino, Klopp, Guardiola and Conte all managing in the Premier League next season, a van Gaal led side is not going to finish ahead of any of these terrific managers.