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Liverpool Want £55m For Suarez- Is He Worth It

Luis-SuarezThe transfer market has gone crazy this summer with some ridiculous valuations being placed on players. I mean Edinson Cavani is a nice player, but £55m for him is far too much. And don’t get me started on the reported £85m bid for Gareth Bale that Spurs have turned down. Are you kidding me? Take the money.

But once teams start to see the high valuations that other teams are putting on their players, they start to increase their own values. Real Madrid did it with Higuain and were able to get €40m for a player that they had originally valued at €25m.

And the same thing is going on at Liverpool, where the story earlier in the summer was that Liverpool would take £40m for the striker. But after seeing Cavani go for £55m to PSG earlier this month, Liverpool now want the same money for their Uruguay striker.

Which puts Arsenal and Suarez in a difficult position. Arsenal spent months telling their fans that they would spend big this summer. And they have put a lot of time and effort in signing Suarez. But at £55m is Suarez really worth that kid of money? Is he really one of the top five or six players in the world because that is what that kind of transfer fee says? And if Arsenal decide that he isn’t, how do they explain that to the Arsenal fans were are desperate to see their club compete with the best players?

And where does those leave Luis Suarez? Liverpool fans might have accepted that he wanted Champions League football and that he felt hounded by the press in England. But instead of angling for a move overseas, he tries to orchestrate a move to a Premier League rival. Can the kop welcome Suarez back with open arms after his public flirtation with Arsenal all summer?