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Arsene Wenger Not Amused With Real Madrid Spending £105m On Gareth Bale

Piles of British PoundsArsene Wenger has is not amused with Real Madrid’s spending this summer and has branded Gareth Bale’s proposed £105million move to the Spanish giants a “joke.”

The Arsenal manager says Real Madrid’s world-record pursuit of the Tottenham makes a mockery of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations, although the cynic will say that at least Madrid are buying players this summer, unlike Arsenal.

“It makes a joke of the FFP regulations” said Wenger.

“I find it amazing that in the year that FFP comes in world football has gone completely crazy. You wonder what kind of impact and effect FFP has on the football world. It looks like it has made everybody worse than before.”

With the Bale deal, Madrid will have spent more than €170m euros this summer, although that is offset somewhat by the €56m they have received in proceeds from player sales.

Yes Wenger has a point. With the Bale deal, Real Madrid, PSG and Monaco have spent almost €400m between them this summer. An incredible amount of money and something that none of these clubs can manage and stay within FFP.

But with a month to go in the transfer window, Wenger is just reacting to what he sees today. If Real Madrid turn around and sell Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United for €100m, then suddenly Madrid’s net spend for the summer will be only €70m. Which is less than what Arsenal told Arsene Wenger he could spend this summer.