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It’s Time For Man United Board To Make A Change

Five weeks ago after United had been knocked out of the Champions League, Ed Woodward sat down with his favorite reporters and said that he was happy with the job that Louis van Gaal was doing. The story that was spun was that domestic glory was more important that European trophies and with United only three points behind leaders Leicester there was no need to panic.

Fast forward five days and an Arsenal win at Anfield on Wednesday will see them move 11 points ahead of United in the table. More worrying for Woodward and his precious commercial contracts is that United have slopped to sixth place in the table, and that top four position that looked so achievable last month looks like a pipe dream now.

United’s record in its last 12 games in all competitions is:


Two wins in 12 is simply not good enough.

Then look ad United’s next six games in the league. How many of those do you think they will win? One? Two? Three?

  • Liverpool (A)
  • Stoke (H)
  • Southampton (H)
  • Chelsea (A)
  • Sunderland (A)
  • Arsenal (H)With United rumored to be willing to spend another £100m in the transfer market in January, the question that the United board should be asking is “Do we trust van Gaal to spend that money wisely?” And the answer to that is no. There is nothing in the last 18 months to indicate that van Gaal understands what this team lacks and who are the right players to fix those gaps.

If van Gaal is going to get fired sometime before the start of next season, then why trust him to buy players now that the new manager might not want?

Instead, let van Gaal. Promote Ryan Giggs to manager and let Fergie help him rebuild this United team. Lets get in players with pace and when they arrive play a more up-tempo style of football that takes advantage of that pace.

United need to make a change now before it is too late to salvage anything from this season. Do you agree or disagree?