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Atalanta 2022 Fixtures

We have Atalanta tickets to all the big games this season including those against Juventus, Inter Milan, Roma, Napoli and AC Milan as well as Champions League action.

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, commonly known as just Atalanta, is an Italian football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy. The club currently plays in Serie A, having gained the promotion from Serie B in 2010–11.

They are nicknamed the Nerazzurri and the Orobici. Atalanta play in blue-and-black vertically striped shirts, black shorts and black socks. The club stadium is the 26,638 seater Atleti Azzurri d’Italia.

Atalanta is sometimes called Regina delle provinciali (queen of the provincial clubs) to mark the fact that the club is historically one of the most consistent among the non-metropolitan ones, having played 53 times in Serie A (11th overall for number of participations in the top division), 28 times in Serie B and only once in Serie C.

The club won the Coppa Italia in 1963 and reached the Cup Winners’ Cup Semifinal in 1988, when it was still competing in Serie B. This is still the best ever performance by a non-first division club in a major UEFA competition (together with Cardiff City).Atalanta also participated twice in the UEFA Cup, reaching the quarterfinals in 1990–91.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Atalanta Tickets

How do I buy tickets for Atalanta matches?

Atalanta tickets are available now for purchase via our Atalanta tickets partner Sports Events 365.

Why is Atalanta playing at San Siro?

UEFA gave the Atleti Azzurri d’Italia the green light to host Champions League match this season, but Atalanta chose to play at the San Siro in Milan. This was because their home ground is currently undergoing renovation works that has seen their capacity reduced to 16,000 temporarily.

How far is Atalanta from Milan?

The distance between Atalanta and Milan is 31 miles (50 kilometres).

Atalanta Europa League Tickets

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Atalanta Tickets

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Sunday Apr 10, 2022 9:00 AM US Sassuolo – Atalanta – Buy Atalanta Tickets
Saturday Apr 16, 2022 9:00 AM Atalanta – Hellas Verona FC – Buy Atalanta Tickets
Sunday Apr 24, 2022 9:00 AM Venezia – Atalanta – Buy Atalanta Tickets

Sunday May 1, 2022 9:00 AM Atalanta – Salernitana – Buy Atalanta Tickets
Sunday May 8, 2022 9:00 AM Spezia – Atalanta – Buy Atalanta Tickets
Sunday May 15, 2022 9:00 AM AC Milan – Atalanta – Buy Atalanta Tickets
Sunday May 22, 2022 9:00 AM Atalanta – Empoli FC – Buy Atalanta Tickets

Atleti Azurri d’Italia
Stadio Atleti Azurri d’Italia is not only a very difficult name for a Yank to say (especially after a few pints), but it also is considered one of the worst football stadiums in the top flight of any European football league. The club that is rewarded this dishonor is Atalanta who by the end of October were playing like the worst top flight club in all of European football. So perhaps the stadium suits the club after all.

What makes Atelti Azurri d’Italia such a terrible venue is a lot of things. First off, the venue is very old and beginning to become extremely dilapidated in appearance. Built in the 1920’s it was one of the stadiums that was overlooked for the remodeling era of 1989 regarding the World Cup. So although many other stadiums are just as old, they at least had a fairly recent makeover, but Atalanta’s stadium had no such luck.

Secondly, without a remodeling era that means the facilities and locker rooms date back to the 1920’s. A lot has changed since that time, including a World War, and maybe it’s time to give the players, coaches, and fans some new digs. Thirdly, the stadium does not have the most grand design in the first place. Many seats have poor views and many areas of the stands are considered unfriendly spectator spots for viewing pleasure. And lastly, the majority of the stadium has no roof or cover to protect its fan’s from bad conditions.

All-in-all there are a lot of reasons why Atalanta has one of the worst stadiums in the entire world.

Eat, drink, and sleep near Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia
Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood. There are a few local neighbourhood bars en restaurants around, but there are many more options for eating and drinking in Bergamo’s picturesque old town and the new town near the railway station.

There are no large hotels near Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia, but plenty of smaller B&Bs if you wish to stay very close. However, most will decide to stay in central Bergamo and make the pleasant walk to the stadium. Click here for an overview of hotels in Bergamo.