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Will Man United Drop David De Gea?

DDG1It’s a situation that Manchester United probably never thought they would be in. Less than 72 hours away from their first Premier League game of the season, at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, and David De Gea is still a Uniyted player.

The long running summer transfer saga appears to be coming to an end though as it appears that Louis Van Gaal has ben less than impressed with his want-away goalkeeper.

De Gea was terrible against PSG in United’s final preseason game and van Gaal yanked him off at half-time. There have bene stories that de Gea has been claiming that he has several niggling injuries that are impacting his ability to train, a tactic to get his move to the Bernabeu back on.

With the de Gea situation a distraction to the club, van Gaal is expected to drop de Gea on Saturday for summer signing Sergio Romero, who has not played since the Copa America final a month ago.

United also have Victor Valdes, who has at least played in the Premier League, but the three time Champions League winner has bene banished to the U21s after a falling out with the United boss.

United’s approach was to tie a deal with Real Madrid for de Gea, with a deal for defender Sergio Ramos. That failed as Ramos is expected to sign a new deal in Madrid. The second option was to keep de Gea for another season, even if he leaves on a free transfer at the end of the year, because a season with the Spanish goalkeeper is better than one without him.

But de Gea’s “lack of form” has torpedoed that option, leaving United in the uncomfortable position of being three days away from the start of the season and no clear idea who is their No.1 goalkeeper.

Who do you think will start in goal for United against Spurs?