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What Team Has The Most Popular Shirt In Serie A?

A new study from  Sportingintelligence shows that the shirt has been the most popular Serie A shirt worldwide over the last five years.

Worldwide there were 480,000 Juventus shirts sold a year compared to 425,000 for Inter and 350,000 for . These figures do not include counterfeit merchandise.

Overall, only three clubs are selling United more than 1 million shirts a year. and with 1.4m and with 1.15m shirts sold per year. That number surprised me as I thought that clubs sold millions of shirts a year.

England have four teams in the top 10, with , and accompanying Manchester United, while is the other club to break into the top ten.

Rank Team Country Shirts sold * Brand
1 Manchester United England 1.4 million Nike
Real Madrid Spain 1.4 million Adidas
3 Barcelona Spain 1.15 million Nike
4 Chelsea England 910.000 Adidas
5 Bayern Munich Germany 880.000 Adidas
6 Liverpool England 810.000 Adidas
7 Arsenal England 800.000 Nike
8 Juventus Italy 480.000 Nike
9 Inter Italy 425.000 Nike
10 AC Milan Italy 350.000 Adidas

*Shirt sales (official merchandise) only. Does not include other club merchandise.