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What Did I Miss?

Back from a two week vacation and I cannot believe everything that I missed.

I left the day before the U.S. v Brazil Confederations Cup Final. A moral victory for the U.S., but 2-0 with 45 minutes to play, you cannot concede a goal minutes into the second half.

The Gold Cup has started and Randall has done a great job covering that with the U.S. beating Grenada and Honduras so far.

Landon Donovan has been expressing his displeasure with David Beckham and I know I will be buying his book called The Beckham Experiment on Tuesday.

Overseas we have had the presentations of Ronaldo and Kaka to the Real Madrid fans. I cannot believe that 90,000 fans came out to see Ronaldo. Speaking of Madrid I saw the movie Goal 2: Living the Dream recently. It is filmed in Madrid with some cool behind the scenes look at what it is like to be a Real Madrid player.

Speaking of transfers I am not sure what shocked me more. That Manchester United signed Michael Owen or that AC Milan signed Oguchi Onyewu,I wonder what team will be happier with their signing at the end of the season?

Did I miss anything else?

I came home from vacation and saw that my tickets for the Inter Milan v AC Milan game in Boston and Real Madrid v Toronto FC had arrived. Can’t wait to see both games.