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Wenger: I Built Arsenal

Wenger-SignArsene Wenger says that he built Arsenal into the club it is today, while insisting that nobody can question his motivation.

The Gunners manager is under severe pressure from media and fans after Arsenal have seemingly thrown away the best chance they’ve had in over a decade to win the Premier League.

Arsenal went into 2016 at the summit of the table and at one stage had a five-point cushion over second place, but they now trail leaders Leicester City by 11 points and were knocked out of the FA Cup on Sunday.

That competition has been their saving grace over the past couple of seasons, but Wenger hasn’t taken too kindly to the criticism.

“I built the club, and the way I did it was with hard work,” Wenger told reporters.

“I had no external resources. Compare the club when I arrived and how it is today. It is moved forward, and without any help from anybody.”

Wenger, whose last Premier League title with Arsenal came in 2004, was asked how he felt about the job compared to 20 years ago and replied:

“I have no doubt about my huge motivation. I am more motivated than the day I arrived, and I feel even more the pressure and the responsibility to keep this club moving forward.

I don’t question my dedication. It is 100 per cent and I give more time to my club than when I arrived.”

It will be a fascinating last two months of the season for Arsenal. I expect them to get knocked out of the Champions League tonight, but then to go on a winning streak as they will be playing without pressure and expectations. If Arsenal finish in the top four I expect Arsene Wenger to be back next season.

Even if Arsenal fall to fifth or sixth in the table and miss out on that fourth-placed trophy I still don’t expect Wenger to leave on such a down note.