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UEFA Distributes €754.1m To Participating Clubs

UEFA has announced that a total of €754.1m was distributed to clubs participating in the last season and that and received the largest amounts.

The €754.1m prize money allotted to the 32 teams who figured from the group stage onwards consisted of €413m in fixed amounts plus €341,100,000 from the market pool.

To put that number in perspective, UEFA announced that the 56 teams that participated in the last season received more than €150m in prize money. So playing in the Europa League is worth on average €3m, while playing in the Champions League is worth on average €23.5m.That is a huge difference.

All the Champions League clubs were entitled to a minimum €7.2m in accordance with the distribution system, which awarded a basic participation bonus of €3.9m, plus €3.3m from the six €550,000 match bonuses given per group game.

Additionally, performance bonuses were paid in the group stage: sides received €800,000 for every win and €400,000 for every draw. The 16 clubs that reached the round of 16 were each assigned an additional €3m, the eight quarter-finalists an extra €3.3m, and the four semi-finalists – including and – a bonus of €4.2m.

United’s €53.197m was actually higher than what Barcelona received because the value of the national TV market in is higher than in . The United payment was comprised of more than €27m for their performances from the UEFA Champions League group stage onwards, and another €25.9m from the television market pool.

Barcelona’ earned a total of €51.025m. The Spanish club’s performance-related payments amounted to €30.7m and they also collected €20.3m from the TV market pool.

Barça netted €9m for winning the trophy, while United earned €5.6m as runners-up. The other major earners from the 2010/11 UEFA Champions League were FC (€44,523,000), FC Schalke 04 (€39,750,000), Real Madrid CF (€39,288,000), FC Internazionale Milano (€37,982,000), FC Bayern München (€32,562,000) and FC (€31,133,000).