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Premier League Week 8 Winners and Losers

As we head into the international break, a look at the winners and losers in this weekends Premier League games.


With the win on Sunday against Liverpool, Chelsea now have gained more points at home against Big Four opponents than they did last season. Last September’s draw with Manchester United accounted for the only result Chelsea achieved against their elite rivals on home turf.

Sitting top of the table, Chelski fans should be happy, but Chelsea still seem to be missing that creative star who can take over tight games and open up a tight game. The Chelsea style of pressure all over the field, wears teams out, hence the number of late goals they get, but they still see ot be missing that little bit of magic needed to unlock really good defences.

This is a huge month for the Gunners who have a relatively easy schedule of games, while their fellow title contenders all play each other. Come Halloween, Arsenal could be sitting in second place and everyone will have forgotten the start to the season when Arsenal had to go to Goodison, Old Trafford and Eastlands.

A double win for Portsmouth players. Not only did they get their first win of the season, but they will get paid today!

A tenth consecutive home win for the Clarets.

Didier Drogba
I hate his diving and rolling on the floor, but when he is in the mood, Drogba is the best center forward in the Premier League.

Chung-Yong Lee
Where did Bolton find this 21-year-old Korean? If he keeps playing like he did on Saturday he will be the bargain buy of the season at only £2m.


The defeat at Stamford Bridge means that Liverpool have already lost three games this season. No team has won the title in 40 years after losing three of their first eight games. The rest of the month will determine Liverpool’s season. Sandwiched between two critical Champions League ties against Lyon as well as a Carling Cup encounter at Arsenal, will be trips to Sunderland and Fulham along with a date with Manchester United on October 25. Liverpool need at least four wins and a draw from these six games to keep their season on track.

Ben Foster
His dream of playing in South Africa becomes a little less likely with every game he plays.

Rio Ferdinand
Since April, Ferdinand has started back-to-back fixtures on just two occasions and missed more than half of United’s Premier and Champions League encounters.