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No Fans At Serie A Games Until January 2021?

While Serie A is pushig to restart games at the end of May, those games will be in empty stadiums. And that situation will not change for the foreseeable future according to reports.

There are multiple reports the lockdown order will be eased from May 4, allowing players to train, so they can resume the fixture list from circa May 31.

However, those games will be played behind closed doors and it’s a situation that could last longer than previously anticipated.

According to Sport Mediaset, a leaked Government document suggests we might not see fans in Italian stadiums until January 2021.

You keep hearing about sporting integrity. That the Scudetto should be decided on the pitch and that the only way to do that is by playing games.

But without fans, there is no homefield advantage. Lazio are scheduled to travel to Turin to meet Juventus late in the season. The result will probably decide the title. But what is the sporting integrity of that match is played in an empty stadium instead of a stadium full of passionate Juve fans? It is a match that is a lot less daunting for Lazio than it should be. And if that is the case, why play it?