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FIGC Determined To Restart The Serie A Season

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Italy’s leading infectious diseases specialist confirms “Serie A could resume in a month’s time, behind closed doors and with rigorous measures.”

The FIGC (Italian Football Federation) wrote up the protocol for getting players and staff back on the pitch in as much safety as possible after the coronavirus pandemic.

They are aiming to start training from May 4, with games taking place from May 30-31.

“As things stand today, the Serie A campaign could not resume, but it could do in a month’s time, albeit behind closed doors and with rigorous measures,” said Giovanni Rezza, director of the Department for Infectious Diseases at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

“Every reopening brings with it some degree of risk. What we must do is lower that risk as much as possible by setting very rigid guidelines.

“The FIGC is thinking of these measures to reduce the risk to a minimum for players, staff and everyone in the football community.”

Players are due to be tested regularly both with swabs and blood tests to check for their COVID-19 status, the presence of antibodies and their general health.

Squads will be kept in a training retreat for the remainder of the season to ensure they are separated and closely watched.