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New Milan need time, says Abbiati

AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati has called for patience after admitting that an era had come to an end at San Siro.

Milan waved goodbye to a host of veterans over the summer, before then selling Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain.

Fans were left further frustrated on Sunday when the club began the new season with a 1-0 home loss to Sampdoria.

“It’s not nice to lose your opening game of the season and it leaves a bitter taste,” the Italian goalkeeper noted.

“We reacted really well after conceding the goal, but we were unable to do anything about the scoreline.

“I ask the fans for a touch of patience. A lot of champions have left, but younger players have come in who are hungry for great futures.

“Obviously patience can’t last forever and we need to go in search of a win as soon as Saturday against Bologna.

“The fans have understood that a cycle at this club has come to an end and a new one has just started…”

It’s a big couple of days for Milan with the transfer deadline closing and the hostile reaction of their fans to the performance and defeat. Will Milan stick with their plan to shed wages this season or will they panic buy?