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Mourinho Wants To Return To Premier League

Jose Mourinho has stated once again that he wants to manage in the Premier League again, saying that he has some “unfinished business” in England.

Mourinho is less than a year into a four-year deal with Real Madrid, but he is already planning his return to England, telling The Sun:

“I miss England and my next job will be in England. There is unfinished business. And I think England wants me back, no? It was the most enjoyable time of my career.”

The big question then is where will the Special One end up? Based on Mourinho’s track record there are probably only five clubs big enough in England to match his desire: Chelsea, both Manchester clubs, Spurs and Liverpool.

“My Chelsea time was amazing as a football manager and family man. My family and I enjoyed it so much. We made so many friends here. We still keep in touch, we still come back. In football there are a few victories here I would like to repeat. I will talk to my agent and get a project for my career. I still have three years at Real Madrid. It is the biggest club in the world but it is also the most difficult club in the world. They came to me for the third time and I could not say no to them for the third time – I had to go. And I had to go to Italy, that was important for me because I wanted to try there. Everyone said it was the home of tactics so I said let me try there. But it is not England, England is special. People in Italy, Spain and Portugal ask me why I love England so much and I can’t explain – I just do. I want to be happy in my work. I want to be happy with my football.”

I cannot imagine a scenario where Mourinho fulfills his contract in Spain. Chelsea will be looking for a new manager this summer, and if Harry Redknapp gets the England job in 18 months, the Spurs job will open up. Sir Alex is expected to step down also in the next 18 months, especially if United win their 19th title this season to pass Liverpool, and Mancini could be out at Man City if they fail to qualify for the Champions League again this season.

So the opportunities will be there for Mourinho to return to England. It’s just a matter of who he wants to manage.

Where do you think Mourinho will end up?