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Mancini Once Again Rules Out Tevez Loan Deal

Mancherster City WallpaperJust days before AC Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani is due in Manchester to talk with Man City about a deal for Carlos Tevez, City manager Roberto Mancini has once reiterated that City will only sell Tevez in January. They will not send him out on loan.

“We want Carlos to come back and play football and the best solution for us is to sell him. We can’t let him leave on loan,” he said.

The former Inter manager also said it set a bad precedent for City to allow key players to go out on loan deals.

“But when we want to sell them, they have to go on loan. This is not good. It is not correct for the other players. Manchester City paid Carlos a lot of money for three years. It is correct that if one club, it could be Milan, Juventus, PSG, Inter, want him, they pay Carlos for his value. This is correct.”

The meeting between the clubs was expected to take place in Manchester after Galliani told Italian media on Monday that he will be travelling there to discuss the move after fighting off competition from French side Paris St Germain.

“On Thursday we have an appointment with Manchester City for Tevez but it will probably not be the decisive one to conclude negotiations,” Galliani said. “The player wants to come to us and not PSG (Paris St Germain) and we hope City accept the offer. We’re not going to take him outright, we’re offering a free loan with the right to buy in June.

Sounds like a stalemate to me. It will be interesting to hear the comments from both Mancini and Galliani after the meeting.

Creative Commons License photo credit: LivingOS