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Man United Make £15million Bid For Barca’s Thiago Alcantara

Thiago Alcantara

The Mirror is reporting that Man United have made an official as made a £15million offer to Barcelona for midfielder Thiago Alcantara.

United have offered a straight cash deal to Barcelona for Alcantara. Barca are said to be reluctant to sell to a ­Champions League rival, but they are also trying to raise cash to buy Udinese’s Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas.

Barca would prefer to loan out Alcantara to a Premier League club, but want a buy-back clause, which United will not agree to. Barca have tried to include Alcantara a deal with Arsenal, but they want a buy-back clause also, which Arsenal will not do.

Alcantara who was brilliant in the U21 Euros, but he cannot get into the Barca side because of Xavi and Iniesta. What will make any deal for Alcantara more difficult is the fact that his agent is Pep Guardiola’s brother Pere.

Alcantara is a terrific talent, and is a much better player than Jordan Henderson who cost Liverpool £20million. If United can get him for less than Liverpool paid for Henderson, that would be a terrific piece of business.