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Inter Best Serie A Team Since 1994

Inter 3 Bologna 0In 1994 when Serie A moved to three points for a win, Inter have gained more points than any other team. The Nerazzurri earned a total of 1078 points in 568 matches, which averages just under two points per match (1.897).

The pace they set in the last six years with Mancini (in his first four years) and then with Mourinho is impressive— 496 points in 288 matches, with a 2.19 point average, higher than Manchester United’s in the Premier League (2.15).

Roma barely beat Milan for the second place, with 1002 points (an average of 1.8) only 23 points ahead of the Diavolo, conditioned—except for the ’99 title courtesy of Zaccheroni— by the poor results during Capello’s and Ancelotti’s leadership.

Lazio were fourth with 892 points. The Biancocelesti paid the price for their technical restructuring after the glorious Cragnotti era, who took them to the title in 1999-2000 and for being penalised in the 2005-2006 for their involvement in the Calciopoli scandal.

Milan and Roma are the only teams that have always been present since 1994 to 2010. That’s a reflection of the strength of Serie A.

Parma were fifth with 1.47, after having been at the top during the Tanzi era without winning the title, followed by a demotion to Serie B and a comeback with Ghirardi. Also great teams like Fiorentina, Napoli, Genoa and Sampdoria have known—in some cases for a long time—the punishment of Serie B, in particular Torino. Other squads like Guidolin’s Vicenza at the end of the ’90s and Cosmi’s Perugia at the beginning of the millennium have also had their brief glory times. We couldn’t forget the miracle of Campedelli’s Chievo Verona and that of the current Juventus manager Delneri, that ended in the Champions League in 2005-06.

The one big name obviously missing from the list is Juventus. Relegated to Serie B in 2006-07 with a 30-point penalty, then reduced to 17, for their involvement in Calciopoli, the Bianconeri earned 984 points in 568 matches, an average that is close to Inter’s. Juventus’s average would be even more impressive (reaching an average of 2 points) if you were to count the 91 points earned in the 2005-06 season when Juventus were sent to the bottom of the standings.

Total Points 1994-2009

  1. Inter Milan – 1078 points
  2. Roma – 1002 points
  3. AC Milan – 979 points
  4. Lazio – 892 points
  5. Parma – 834 points


Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale