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Hamsik Believes That Napoli Are Title Contenders This Year

Marek Hamsik is convinced that his Napoli side can challenge Juventus for the Scudetto this season.

“We are not lacking champions at Napoli and we are now even more convinced of our strength,” the midfielder told the Corriere dello Sport.

“We can take on anybody this season. We know what we want and we are also stronger on the inside this term.”

While the smart money is on Juventus retaining the Scudetto this year, Hamsik has warned the Old Lady that the Azzurri have what it takes to finish top.

“Juventus are the favourites for the Scudetto, but we are a good squad with a serious club behind us who have been following a project for years.

“Winning the Scudetto here would be absolutely fantastic. After all, I can still see the scenes of celebration after we beat Juventus in the Italian Cup Final last season in Rome.”

Napoli are one of only four sides in Serie A this season, Juventus, Lazio and Sampdoria are the others, to have all there games this season.

“We are giving the impression that we are a more mature side,” he added. “Take the Fiorentina game for example. We wouldn’t have won that game a year ago…”

Winning gives a team confidence and last years experience in the Champions League and winning the Italian Cup have the Napoli players believing in themselves this year.

Can they keep pace with Juve all season in the title race?