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Fernando Torres Rains On Chelsea Victory Parade

The good feeling that Chelsea fans have from being Champions of Europe, took a hit today as a result of the interview that Fernando Torres had with Guillem Balague after the win in Munich last night.

Amidst the Chelsea celebrations, Torres could not hid his disappointment and frustration to Balague about his move to Chelsea from Liverpool

“It’s contradictory because I feel like I’m at a peak moment in my career, with more desire and hunger than I’ve felt in a long time but I’ve had to spend the final on the bench. It was a huge disappointment when I saw the line-up, perhaps the biggest in my life,” Torres told Sky Sports’ Balague on his website www.guillembalague.com.

“I thought I would play in this game and I couldn’t imagine not doing so. But in the end I could participate and offer the team something. I’m really happy.

“This season I have felt things that I never had before. I’ve felt like they treated me in a way that I didn’t expect. Not in the way that was spoken of when they signed me. We’ve had a lot of talks and we’ll talk about my future.

“I want them to tell me what is going to happen in the future. Football has been fair on us, on me.

“Now I do feel like football is worth it but I’ve been through a difficult time. The worst in my career. I don’t want that again. There’s been many times when I’ve felt lost, I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt like I didn’t know where I belonged.

“I’m eternally grateful to my family who have been by my side and also for the support of the owners who have stuck by me. And especially to the fans, if it hadn’t been for them this season I would have given up.”

Although Chelsea have yet to indicate whether they will reward Di Matteo for guiding them to FA Cup and Champions League glory with a permanent deal, Torres seems in no mood to wait to learn of what he can expect from the club next term.

“I need the club to tell me what is going to happen and what sort of role I will have within the team, what my duties are, what the club expects of me,” he concluded.

“And then judge whether it is worth it.”

So reading between the lines it sounds like Torres is saying that when he came to Chelsea he was told that he, not Drogba, would be Chelsea’s number nine. He is fed up playing second fiddle to Drogba and unless he is given assurances that Chelsea’s attack will be built around him next season he will hand in a transfer request.

The question then as a Chelsea fan is, do you build a team around Fernando Torres next season or do you take the loss and sell him this summer and bring in a new center forward? Or do you bring Drogba back for another year or two?