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Crazy Money

The summer transfer window does not open for another four weeks, but the amount of money being branded about by as being available this summer is astounding. Newspaper reports say that both Manchester City and Real Madrid have transfer budgets of between £250 and £260 million. Yes you read that right. They both are reportedly looking to spend a quarter of a billion pounds on players this summer. Chelsea’s potential £100 million budget is peanuts by comparison.

There is no doubt that a new world record transfer fee will be set this summer. The only question is whether it is Ronaldo, Ribbery or Kaka that will ultimately be sold for the highest amount.

It promises to be an interesting off-season as Madrid and Chelsea try and close the gap on Champions League finalists Barcelona and Manchester United. And what about the Serie A clubs like Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan? Are they going to be left behind by the financial power of the English and Spanish clubs?