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Conte And Capello Exchange Handbags

Conte: "Accanimento sulla Juve, Pogba grande ma ci ringrazi"While the English media are enjoying the battle of words between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, the Italian press are enjoying a similar exchange between Antonio Conte and Fabio  Capello.

The handbags in Italy started when Capello, a former Juventus manager, made a comment last week that the  quality in Serie A was poor and as a result Juventus struggled in the Champions League this season, being knocked out in the group stages.

“Juventus are good in Italy and bad out of it,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “There is no competition for them in Serie A, and therefore, no proper workouts.

“Just look at the squads – last summer Roma, Fiorentina and Napoli all sold their best players abroad. Jovetic, Cavani and Lamela all left, whilst Juventus have just added quality.

“Juve were a flop in the Champions League, but the fact that the final of the Europa League is in Turin should act as a stimulus for them in that competition.”

Well the current Juve coach was not amused at the criticism and responded on Sunday with both barrels towards the former England boss:

“I’d say someone who makes these comments is annoying and disrespectful to record-breaking campaigns over two years,” Conte told Sky Sport Italia.

“Capello’s sides broke records and their two titles were revoked, but I don’t remember their style of football. I remember Marcello Lippi’s team and even Giovanni Trapattoni’s, as they played well, but Capello’s era is famous only for the revocation.

“I think this Juventus is more complete in every area than my first season. We were on a charge the first time and were the only side to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Milan winning the Scudetto.

“This is the third season and in my view we have improved in every respect: tactically, physically and psychologically.”

The headline line in there is Conte’s reminder that Capello’s two titles were revoked. Its a headline as the clubs official stance is that they won the both those titles and thus they have 31 titles and not 29. As a result, they are the only side in Italy to have 3 stars on their shirts, signifying 30+ Scudetto’s. Interesting that Conte goes against the club’s official stance in order to cut Capello down.