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Barcelona Budgets 45 Million Euros For New Signings

Javier Faus, Vice President of the Finance Department said that said that the Club has

“45 million euros for new signings, plus money that may be obtained from sales that may occur this season. When we talk about sales we’re talking about those that give a net gain to the club”.

Barcelona have been linked with a lot of high profile players this summer like Rossi, Sanchez and Fabregas. All will cost around 45 million euros.

Considering that Barca need to sign at least two defenders this summer (a center-half and left-back), at first glance it looks like Barcelona will not be signing any big names this summer. But I would not be too quick to jump to that conclusion.

Remember that the €45m is a net amount. Barca have several squad players like Bojan Krkic and Thiago Alcántara that are both drawing a lot of attention this summer. These two players could either be sold (say €20 for the two) or packaged with cash for someone like Fabregas or Sanchez of Udinese.

Would Arsenal or Udinese turn down €25m + Krkic and Alcantara? That would be hard to do and would still leave Barca with €20m to fix the holes it has at center-half and left-back.

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