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Are Chelsea too broke to fire Ancelotti?

That was the question asked on our Chelsea web site yesterday. Are Chelsea too broke to fire Ancelotti? This is what the article said. Do you agree or disagree?

Everything Chelsea does these days seems to revolve around saving money and I wonder if the reason that Carlo Ancelotti is still the Chelsea manager is because the club does not have the £10m it would take to fire him?

Ancelotti has 18 months left on his £6million-a-year contract at Chelsea. His background staff includes Bruno Demichelis and Giovani Mauri, who would have to be paid off it Ancelotti leaves. Add up all those salaries and it seems that it would cost Chelsea at least £10m to change coaches.

Add in that Chelses would then have to bring in a new coach and his staff (another £7-8million-a-year in total) and suddenly the cost to change managers is around £17-18million.

Abramovich has said (well he hasn’t but the club has) that he wants Chelsea to be self-sufficient and cash flow positive. With Chelsea expected to announce later this month, a loss of around £40m for the double winning side I don’t believe that the club has the extra cash to change coaches.

That is good news for Ancelotti, but makes me wonder if that means that Chelsea will be forced not to add to the squad this month, which is not good news for Chelsea fans.