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AC Milan Owner Threatens To Not Pay Players Over Poor Performances

ac-milan-dinnerThe AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has often hit the headlines for astonishing comments or behavior and that’s happened once again.

The former Italian prime minister was obviously not impressed with Milan’s season as they finished a disappointing seventh place in Serie A – not enough to qualify for a Europa League spot via their league position.

However, the club could still be in Europe next season if they manage to pull off a shock and beat Juventus in Saturday’s Coppa Italia final.

But, instead of encouraging the players ahead of the big match, Berlusconi held a meeting with members of the squad as well as sponsors for the team. A video of that meeting aired on Sky Sport Italia.

“We cannot keep being embarrassing,” Berlusconi told the players, according to a translation from Football Italia.

“These gentlemen here are the ones who allow you to make a living,” he then said, referring to the sponsors. “They told me if you keep playing like this, they won’t give us any more money.

“In that case, I’ll get the money from you, or rather I won’t pay you. You can try suing me. Do you know how long a civil court case usually takes in Italy? About eight years…”

Yes, that’s the way to inspire your players before a cup final. Threaten to withhold their salary and then promise them eight years of litigation over it.