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2009/2010 SATO Serie A Predictions

Golden Boot Winner

Newly acquired forward Diego Milito is our choice for 2009/2010 Golden Boot Winner.  Diego Milito is one of the best acquisitions of any club in Serie A this season and he will likely bury Genoa with his departure.  Milito scored 24 goals last season for Genoa, so with more weapons around him this year it is likely he will score even more often.  Diego Milito is among the league’s best and now he plays for the league’s best, so watch out Serie A!

Most Valuable Player

Samuel Eto’o of Inter is our prediction for 2009/2010 Serie A MVP.  We feel that the striker will perfectly fill the void left by Ibrahimovic and look for the forward to score more goals then any other player in the league next season (except for Deigo Milito).  Eto’o was fantastic last season and Barca may end up discovering that the forward was the missing piece of the treble last season.  Look for Eto’o to have a huge impact in Serie A and the Champions League as well.

Best Off Season

Well it would be pretty hypocritical to select Diego Milito and Eto’o for the two most coveted individual awards and not admit that Inter had the best off season of any Serie A squad.  Inter is silently putting together a team that can rival any (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man U, etc..) and next year the club is eagerly awaiting to showoff their new found firepower.  Sure the club lost Ibs, but they found a reasonable way of dealing with the problem and figuring it out.  Eto’o is great, Diego Milito is great, and the club was already great to begin with!