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2008/2009 SATO Serie A Predictions


Best New Player

Now I will admit that Samuel Eto’o clearly is the favorite for this award (being a new guy in Serie A), but we have bigger plans for the forward and instead award Klaas Jan Huntelaar as the league’s best new player.  Huntelaar will be a secondary forward for AC Milan next season after a recent transfer with Real Madrid.  The striker will get a lot of minutes on the pitch due to the slightly depleted roster AC Milan currently possesses.  So look for Klaas to be a key player for the club and hopefully he and Ronaldinho will be able to work together from the beginning of the season. 

On the defensive side of the pitch our best new addition is none other then defender Fabio Cannavaro from Real Madrid.  Cannavaro will join Juventus next season and help seal up the bottom half of the pitch.

Best New Club

This award probably gives me the best odds of getting it right because their is only three squads to choose from: Bari, Livorno, and Parma.  And I still can’t decide which one will be the best!  Parma most likely will be the best simply because they aggressively signed a few top tier players including Panucci at defender and forward Bojinov from a Manchester City loan, but if Livorno can acquire Landon Donovan on a mid-season loan then the Best New club will be Livorno by season’s end.