Serie A

Zola Calls Napoli The Anti-Juvetus

Gianfranco Zola believes Napoli “can be Juventus’ main rivals for the Scudetto”this season and advises ‘heir’ Lorenzo Insigne.

The Watford manager started his Serie A career in Naples and continues to keep a close eye on their progress.

“Napoli can be Juventus’ main rivals for the Scudetto, because Milan did not reinforce and Inter don’t seem superior to their status last season. There could be room for teams like Napoli and Roma,” he told Il Mattino newspaper.

Napoli fans are already enamoured with Insigne, the local lad and Under-21 international who has replaced Ezequiel Lavezzi.

“I saw him play for Pescara last season. I liked him a great deal and hope he has the chance to play and grow at Napoli,” continued Zola.

“In a way, it would’ve been better for Lorenzo if Lavezzi had still been there. He would’ve had a reference point to learn from, like Diego Maradona was for me.

“I only advise Insigne to keep his feet on the ground. The atmosphere around Napoli can lift you up very high if things go well and that can mean losing a sense of reality for a 21-year-old. Never feel as if you have arrived.”