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Will Kaka leave Real Madrid in January?

Real Madrid is already a dominate team in La Liga but despite having already crushed through a number of teams, except of course, they have done this without the services of Kaka.

Although Jose Mourinho has stated that he is looking forward to seeing Kaka take the pitch with the team he has been building, Jorge Valdano looks like he has other plans for the 28-year old.

“If a big offer arrives in January then someone can leave”, said the general director of the club who is reported to be butting-heads with Mourinho.

As scouts prepare to make the trip to Madrid to witness Kaka’s return to the pitch, agent Ernesto Bronzetti has stated only a deal more than €50 million can lure the Brazilian elsewhere.

One club who has shown a growing interest is who are could definitely use a player of his caliber but Inter coach, Leonardo, feels that this deal is most likely not to happen.

“Knowing Kaka, I don’t believe he will leave before doing well there. I hear from him often and he has a great will to do well. He wants to do well for Real Madrid.”

Another club that could possibly be on the look-out for Kaka is . Kaka and Chelsea head-coach Carlo Ancelotti both share some history as they won the when they were together at . However, I doubt this will happen as well as Ancelotti has already stated that they will only consider signing a defender in the up-coming transfer window.

Think Kaka should stay put at Real Madrid? Where do you think the Brazilian will be a good-fit at? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.