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What You Missed

I was away last week due to a death in the family and I cannot believe all that I missed.

To start with Major League Soccer announced two new franchises, in Vancouver and Portland. The Pacific Northwest is the new epicenter of soccer in the U.S., especially after the Seattle Sounders  terrific home debut on Thursday. Speaking of the Pacific Northwest, there was a great post on SoccerLens about how the Northwest will change MLS.

In anticipation of the new MLS season, we had the first MLS Power Rankings and 2009 Season Predictions .

Randall kicked off a new series on the best facial hair in soccer history  including a picture of himself all clean shaven!

The Champions League draw was made and for the 5th consecutive year, Chelsea will meet Liverpool. Lets hope that this years game will be more entertaining than the last couple. Speaking off the Champions League, interesting post on MLS Talk about how FSC has wrestled the US rights to the Champions League away from ESPN

Staying in Europe, Arsenal finally moved onto the FA Cup semi-final where they will play Chelsea.

On our sister site, Premier League Tickets , Randall has also been writing about the best fans in the Premier League.

The Inter Milan Fan Site had an interesting post of an interview with Inter chairman Massimo Moratt and his plans for Mourinho and Ibrahimovic.

I was watching the pre-game show on ESPN on Thursday and Alexi Lalas had some interesting things to say about David Beckham. Lalas made a great point, that the European media, especially the British tabloids, are always talking about how poor the quality in MLS is. But as Lalas pointed out, after playing for two years in MLS, Beckham was able to walk into the team of one of the biggest teams in Europe. It does not mean that MLS and Serie A are level, but it means that the level of competition in MLS is higher than many people think.