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Wenger Says Ramsey Departure Is A Loss For Arsenal

Arsenal will miss Aaron Ramsey when he leaves for Juventus, according to Arsene Wenger as the Wales midfielder is set to move to Turin when his Emirates contract expires this summer.

Ramsey ran his deal down after talks reached an impasse and last week signed lucrative terms in Italy. But Wenger believes Arsenal should have convinced the 28-year-old to stay.

‘It will be a loss for Arsenal,’ said Wenger, speaking at the Laureus Sport for Good presentation. ‘I must say it will be an interesting move for Ramsey. He is a player who is great going forward.

‘His main quality is he can keep the final ball. And he makes interesting runs from deep.

‘You don’t find many players today who can make midfield runs off the ball. It will be an interesting addition for Juventus.’

On his own future, Wenger was less clear. The 69-year-old hinted that his return to the game might be in the role of sporting director, rather than a manager.

‘I miss the competition, but I am enjoying a little bit less pressure, and more freedom as well,’ he said. ‘My future is unknown. Even for me.

‘Basically my job is to work with people and get the best out of them, and I will continue to do that. In what way I don’t know. To do that as well I need to first get the best out of myself. I will try to continue to do that.

‘Will I do it on the field or will I do it by sharing my knowledge with people who are in our job? I don’t know what I will do.’