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Weak Apology From Suarez

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has issued a like warm apology at best for racially abusing Patrice Evra, but he pointedly has not apologised directly Evra.

“I admitted to the commission that I said a word in Spanish once, and only once” said Suarez. “I never, ever used this word in a derogatory way and if it offends anyone then I want to apologise for that. I told the panel members that I will not use it again on a football pitch in England.”

Suarez’s apology directly contradicts the independent Football Association commission report which stated that Suarez had used the term “negro” seven times in around two minutes.

For an ownership group that is pretty media savvy, I am really surprised at how badly Liverpool had handled this situation. From the t-shirts, to Liverpool’s statements after the decision came out, to Dalglish’s comments after the Man City game and now Suarez’s statement. They have totally misread public opinion on this.

Suarez missed the first game of his 8-match ban against Manchester City the other night, and will also miss the following matches:

  • 6 Jan: Oldham (FA Cup R3)
  • 11 Jan: Man City (League Cup)
  • 14 Jan: Stoke (Premier League)
  • 21 Jan: Bolton (Premier League)
  • 25 Jan: Man City (League Cup)
  • 28 Jan: FA Cup R4 (if Liverpool beat Oldham)
  • 31 Jan: Wolves (Premier League)
  • 6 Feb: Tottenham (Premier League, if Liverpool lose to Oldham)