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UEFA Deny Wenger Appeal – Two Match Ban Stands

Total joke this is. The UEFA Appeals Body has rejected the appeal lodged by Arsenal and Arsène Wenger against the two-match suspension handed to the manager after the play-off first leg against Udinese.

Wenger will now be suspended for Arsenal’s next two Champions League matches, against Borussia Dortmund and Olympiacos FC on 13 and 28 September.

The two match ban is because UEFA said that Wenger passed messages to Pat Rice on the Arsenal bench during the first leg against Udinese. Arsenal don’t deny what as Arsenal claim that UEFA told them before the game that he could could pass messages to assistant Pat Rice via another coach. Arsenal were then told at half-time that this was not allowed.

UEFA also fined Arsenal €10,000 “for improper conduct by their officials during the match against the Italian team in north London.” Want to bet that this is more money than UEFA fines Bilgaria for racist chants during the England match latest week?