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U.S. To Play Argentina Here After The World Cup

U.S. soccer fans will a chance to see Lionel Messi and his Argentina teammates later this summer.

Soccer By Ives is reporting that Argentina has scheduled to play a friendly in the U.S., after the World Cup.

There are four FIFA-sanctioned international dates that the match could be played on. They are August 11, September 3-7, October 8-12 and November 17. Playing on a FIFA-sanctioned international date means that Argentina’s European stars like Lessi and Tevez would be likely to play.

The last time Argentina played in the United States was in a friendly against the U.S. men’s national team in June 2008 at Giants Stadium, a game that ended in a scoreless draw in front of 78,682 spectators.

Argentina is such a big draw that I would expect the U.S. to play them in another big city like LA, Chicago or New York.