What Is The Most Watched League In Europe?

Did you guess the Premier League? Or maybe La Liga?

Both answers are wrong. According to a newly released report, the Bundesliga said averaged a Europe-high 41,904 fans per game last season, making it the most watched league in Europe. By most watched, I mean live attendance. Behind the Bundesliga were England’s Premier League (35,592), Spain’s La Liga (28,478), Italy’s Serie A (25,304) and France’s Ligue 1 (21,034).

The 26 teams in the German first and second divisions combined for 2 billion euros in revenue for the first time last season at €2.036 billion up 5.3% from the previous season. Media revenue rose to €594 million.

The Bundesliga also said its average ticket price of €20.79 was the lowest among the major European leagues, with the Premier League the highest at €43, followed by La Liga at €40, Serie A at €27 and Ligue 1 at €26.