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Top 5 Pre-Season Games

Pre-season is Europe is right on top of us and I was thinking today that if I had an unlimited budget what pre-season friendlies would I want to see. These are the five that I came up with.

August 1st – Celtic – Tottenham Hotspur – Port of Rotterdam Tournament. Anytime it is an vs match-up the atmosphere is something special even when the game is played in Holland.

August 2nd. v RCD – Solskjaer Testimonial: Man United first home game since winning the European Cup will make this an extra special event. I am sure the Cup will make its way around Old Trafford. – Solskjaer Testimonial: Manchester United – Espanyol Tickets

August 3rd v Real Madrid – Emirates Cup 2008. A chance to watch one of the most famous clubs in the word play in England – Emirates Cup Tickets

August 8th – Glasgow Rangers – Liverpool – Friendly – Promises to be a sell-out at Ibrox and a great atmosphere for this England vs Scotland match-up – Buy Glasgow Rangers – Tickets

Saturday, August 9 – Ajax v Inter Milan – A chance to catch José Mourinho and maybe Frank Lampard in action.

What pre-season games are you looking forward to seeing?

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