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That’s why we love this game

The Turkey vs. the Czech Republic Euro 2008 game today had everything that we love about soccer. The game had goals, drama, red cards and controversy. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole second half.

For the neutral observer, this was one of the most enthralling games of soccer that you will ever see. If after watching this game, you didn’t become a soccer fan, then there is no hope for you:)

For almost the whole second half Turkey battered the Czech defense, but then in the last 5 minutes the best goalkeeper in the world, Petr Czech drops a clangor and Turkey are back in the game. The coup de grace came two minutes later and Turkey had upset the Czech’s.

The Euros’ are my favorite soccer tournament; because only the best 16 teams in the world are involved (the only top teams missing are Brazil and Argentina). The quality of the soccer so far in the opening rounds has been incredible and I cannot wait for the test of the games this week.