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Ronaldinho not moving to the LA Galaxy

The English tabloids today had a story today that Ronaldinho was in line for a shock $40 million move to join David Beckham at LA Galaxy. It is not going to happen. The MLS salary structure will not allow the Galaxy to add a third superstar (in addition to Donovan and Beckham).

Under the MLS salary cap, the Galaxy cannot pay the former World Cup winner a $40 million a year package similar to Beckhams. While it is a nice idea, LA is not putting together their own American Galacticos team.

It is pretty clear that Ronaldinho is heading to the blue side of Manchester unless Chelsea somehow hijacks the transfer. It is amazing to me that the best player on the planet in 2003-2005 is of no interest to the best clubs in Europe.

Manchester City are prepared to pay Ronaldinho about $20 million a year according to AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani as he admitted his club can no longer compete financially with Manchester owner Thaksin Shinawatra’s financial muscle.

Galliani said Milan and other Italian clubs are being squeezed out of several transfer moves as clubs in England, Spain and Germany have more money to spend.

“I cannot ignore that Italian football is now in fourth position in Europe behind England, Spain and Germany,” he said in the Italian press.

“We simply cannot compete with certain figures anymore. Manchester have offered the Brazilian (Ronaldinho) 12 million euros (£9.5million) a year. We can only compete with that if they (Barcelona) give him away for free.”