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Suning Invest More Money Into Inter

Suning Inter MIlan Owners

Interesting news from FCInter1908.it that Suning Real Estate have become an official partner of Inter.

“Suning Real Estate has officially become an authorised partner of Inter Football Club,” the statement said. “The two companies will work together to create a beautiful community that integrates the experience of Italian style and sports culture.

“Adhering to the goal of continually pursuing product enhancement and superior service, Suning Real Estate will use Inter’s unique cultural characteristics and Inter Design’s creative concept to develop the operating mode of innovative scenes and integrate the Italian aesthetics with culture.”

I wonder what the FFP implications of this are, as Suning Real Estate is obviously owned by Suning, who own Inter. This is an issue that both Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have had in recent years, with UEFA ultimately discounting the value of the sponsorship for Financial Fair Play.

That being said, in a time when a lot of clubs are barely hanging on financially, that Suning are financially strong enough to invest more money in Inter is a really positive sign.