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So What Is Arsenal’s Plan B After Suarez U-Turn?

Emirates_NightLuiz Suarez has been reportedly told the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador that he is staying at Liverpool:

“Right now, because of all the love of the fans, I will be staying.”

Uruguayan journalist Martin Chaquero also claimed he had been told the striker is staying in Merseyside”

‘Luis Suarez confirms to me he will not leave Liverpool. The support of the fans has influenced his decision,’ Chaquero said.

‘Suarez see it as likely that he’ll sign a renewal (extension) to the contract that binds him to Liverpool.’

I thought that Suarez has torched his bridges at Anfield, but apparently not. The question now is where does this leave Arsenal who have spent all summer trying to land Suarez?

It is not a coincidence that the newspapers today all had stories about strikers that Arsenal are reportedly interested in, adding credence to the Suarez quote.

The two players Arsenal are linked with are today are Swansea striker Michu and Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko. Talk about a comedown from Huguain or Suarez, the two striker Arsenal have been linked with all summer. Michu and Dzeko are nice players but neither of them are in the class of Higuain or Suarez.

Plus they are two different types of players. Suarez is a striker and goalscorer. So is Huguain. For that matter so was Robin van Persie. That is not Michu’s game, who is more of an attacking midfielder than an out and out striker. And Arsenal have enough of those.

As for Dzeko, he is another Oliver Giroud type player. He can score goals, but misses a lot of easy chances. He is not an improvement over what Arsenal currently have.

The bottom line is that neither Michu or Dzeko are the kind of world class strikers that Arsenal have been linked with since RVP left a year ago. Signing them will strengthen the squad, but will not necessarily make the starting XI any better. And that is not the kind of signings that Arsenal need at the moment.